The annual report 2013 of the CAUX-Foundation Initiatives of Change is now available!

The Caux Conferences, a unique experience.

As the world's population keeps growing, and farmable land keeps decreasing, the WHO suggests that we should start eating insects. The lack of food will only get worse. Are there any solutions?

The Caux Dialogue on Land and Security started last night, aiming to look at the connection between people, conflict, peace and environmental degradation.

And so concludes the two day seminar in Caux on Addressing Europe’s Unfinished Business.

Caux 2014 is an exciting place to be! Please check out our public events in July and August, featuring the Caux Official Day, films, concerts, interactive sessions and a commemoration of the 100 years since the beginning of Word War I. Welcome to Caux!

What’s going on with the European Union today? The AEUB conference started today.

The Caux conferences are approaching, and the communications team still needs the help of volunteer translators! Do you want to contribute to an exciting movement seeking change and transformation, peace and reconciliation? Can you translate from English into French? From English into German? Do you have a few hours to spare this July? Please drop us a line ( if you can help!

Caux Winter Conference 2008/2009 view from terraceWinter Gathering - Seeds of Strength: We would like to invite you to this year's Winter Gathering conference in Caux from 26 December - 1 January, 2015. We live in a constantly changing world and it is therefore more important than ever to discover seeds and sources of personal and communal strength.

The Caux Artists Program will present two performances of MURIEL: The World Walked Into Her Heart this summer in Caux, the Initiatives of Change (IofC) conference centre in Switzerland. 


Caux 2014: Check out our summary of articles and information from the international conferences in Caux 2014


Coming up soon: Dates and conference themes for Caux 2015