(Photo: Esmat Hassan)(Photo: Esmat Hassan)For more than sixty years the world has found hope in Caux. Lives have been changed, intractable conflicts resolved, and new visions born. This year individuals and teams from the US participated in summer conferences under the theme, Trust and Integrity for a Sustainable World.

It was a timely theme given the global financial meltdown, concern over widening economic disparities, climate change and the spread of extremist violence. Rajmohan Gandhi, the President of Initiatives of Change International, said  the Caux conference reminds us that: “We are all the same underneath; that no nation or race in the world is superior nor inferior; that we must never allow ourselves to blame a people, any people, for the problems we face; that the world’s weak, vulnerable, kicked around and abused people have to be our first concern; that our rivers, and snow-caps are appealing to us; and that citizens united across boundaries can make a difference.”

The special magic of the Caux community was in evidence throughout the summer. The ambassador of Madagascar brought six colleagues, including a former general, to seek hope for their country which had experienced a coup a few moths earlier. Expressing his “deep gratitude” the ambassador said, “For the first time in twenty years I am speaking without a text; I am speaking from the heart.” A group of Pakistanis and Indians,including a former foreign secretary and cabinet minister, met for informal dialogues where “deep rooted prejudices were challenged.”

Sixty-five young Muslims from five European countries trained to become peacemakers. Business executives, entrepreneurs, farmers, health and media professionals and students explored issues of trust, integrity and sustainability in the global economy. Young Americans served as interns in all the conferences.

The second Caux Forum for Human Security, the Caux Scholars Program, the Caux Intern Program, and the fourth Tools for Change conference were all strongly supported by IofC USA.



26 June - 1 July 2015

Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy

3 - 8 July 2015

Just Governance for Human Security

10 - 14 July 2015

Caux Dialogue on Land and Security

16 - 19 July 2015

Adressing Europe's Unfinished Business / International Peace-Builders' Forum: "Non-violent conflict transformation: Dignity, Inclusion and Participation"

27 July - 2 August 2015

CATS - Children and Adults - Partners for Change?

4 - 9 August 2015

Seeds of Inspiration

10 - 15 August 2015

Impact Initiatives Challenge