TIGERoadshow, London

16/10/2014 - 16:00 - 20:45

Resilient Leadership: Challenging existing paradigms in business and finance
Established corporate norms values and practices are struggling to respond to the challenges of the 21st century - a structural and cultural challenge of crisis in finance, environment and corporate purpose and responsibility. What does it mean to be a leader at this time and in this context? How can we develop and maintain the spirit and capacity to skillfully challenge the status quo and elegantly facilitate profound change in organisations and sectors?

Een betere wereld begint bij… Caux.

Het wordt onder Initiatives of Changemakers vaak Mountainhouse genoemd. Of huis voor de wereld.

Integrität als Wirtschaftsprinzip?

Welche Rolle spielen Integrität und Vertrauen in der Wirtschaft in unserem Alltag?

¿Puede la integridad ser un principio económico?

Hoy los oradores hablaron sobre la integridad en la economía

Can integrity be an economic principle?

Committed  speakers about integrity in the economy at the TIGE conference in Caux.

L’intégrité, un principe économique ?

Aujourd'hui, les intervenants ont parlé de l'intégrité dans l'économie : Quel rôle jouent l’intégrité et la confiance dans l’économie pour notre vie quotidienne ?

Een avondje Caux in Den Haag

Iedereen die op zijn minst enkele dagen in Caux is geweest, kan erover meepraten: Mountain House is een speciale plek. Het zijn niet alleen de conferenties en het uitzicht op het meer van Genève, maar vooral de bijzondere ontmoetingen die voor een sfeer zorgen die moeilijk buiten de muren van Mountain House te recreëren is.

Ethics as well as profits

Under the headline 'Firms must pay attention to ethics not just profits', Scotland on Sunday, Edinburgh, reports, 4 May, the forthcoming TIGERoadshow on Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy, to be held in Edinburgh on Wednesday 7 May, hosted by Initiatives of Change UK’s Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy (TIGE) programme. Scott Reid writes in the paper's business section:

Book review of ‘A Bigger Prize’, by Margaret Heffernan

Strong arguments for the bigger prize of cooperation, not competition. Mike Smith reviews 'A Bigger Prize: why competition isn’t everything and how WE do better' by Margaret Heffernan.

Building a sustainable future

On 15 March the Richmond Times Dispatch published an article by Mike Smith, Head of Business Programmes for Initiatives of Change UK, headlined 'Trust and integrity in the global economy', across five columns on its Op-ed page. The strap headline reads: 'Building a Sustainable Future'. The out-take beneath the headline reads: 'I find in Richmond an integrity of purpose in the city's determination to come to terms with its history in order to build a future on a sound basis of trust.'


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